Outsource your payroll with confidence

You stay in touch at all stages of the payroll cycle through our online payroll management platform.

Why Outsource?

  • Streamline your payroll process
  • Spend time where your business needs you.
  • Save time and money
  • Handover heavy duty tasks.
  • Have your payroll all in one place.

Why Choose LitE Payroll?

  • One fixed fee – No hidden extras!
  • Flexible Contracts.
  • Friendly and flexible service team with a wealth of experience.
  • A commitment to tailor payroll to your every need.
  • A service guarantee.

What will you get?

  • A dedicated Payroll Officer to cater to your needs.
  • A simple and straight forward payroll process.
  • A change management platform.
  • Electronic payslips.
  • HMRC and Pension compliance, we do it, so you don’t have to!

About LitE Payroll


Technology will drive automation in payroll over the coming years, with automation and efficiency being adopted by leading payroll service providers.

Cloud based technologies will enable companies to remain agile and flexible to support a home and office based work force.

We have and will continue to invest in technology to support out payroll services and ultimately provide our clients with a quality efficient service.

Technology is at the centre of our payroll service ensuring that we can streamline your processes as well as improving automation and efficiency. All of our technology is based on cloud based applications ensuring that we can operate our service from home or office providing us with business continuity.

We operate a paperless payroll function with all of our client information received in electronic format and stored in secure datacentres. Our client facing technology is all available online and via mobile apps.

You will have a dedicated payroll professional managing your payroll.

You will have access to your payroll contact via phone and our messaging channel.

We are UK based payroll operation, and our teams work both remotely and in the office.

We will agree and deliver your payroll in line with the payroll timetable.

We will respond to payroll queries via our queries hub in line with our SLA’s

Our service will comply with all statutory regulations.

We will continually invest in technology and provide you with user friendly systems

We will aim to consistently meet your service expectations.

We aim to deliver an exceptional payroll service ensuring your employees are paid correctly on each pay run.

We take care of transferring you from your current provider to LitE payroll at no cost to yourselves.

If you are not 100% happy with our payroll service and decide to cancel your subscription to our service we will provide you with the data you require for your new provider at no cost to yourselves.

You will have no EXIT fees to leave our service.

How we can help you


Client Portal

Lite Payroll makes it easy for small businesses to create and maintain efficient payroll processes so you can get back to what matters most. Stay on top of your schedule by logging into our simplified timeline, message hub, and tasks section that is accessible from any device!

Quality processes

We are passionate about our quality levels and our processes involve our clients signing off various stages of the payroll process. The sign off can be carried out via a mobile app or the online platform.

Dedicated Contact

We allocate a payroll specialist who will be the primary contact, and a back up will be assigned to your account to provide back up cover. Our systems enable clients to be seamlessly moved to another specialist if required.


We use system integration tools to sync pensions files with most leading auto enrolment pensions schemes. We also have integration with payments systems such as BACS and other leading payments systems.

Reports and payslips

You will have access to a full suite of payroll reports including a payroll comparison report that is used for sign off of the payroll. Payslips will be delivered electronically and can be accessed via a mobile app or desktop.

Secure communications

We do not use emails to communicate with our clients as we have an inbuilt communication module that ensures a secure and central source of all communication between our payroll teams and clients.

Peace of mind


Payroll is a complex process requiring extensive knowledge of legislation, accounting, and payroll systems.

We take care of all aspects of your employee’s pay so you do not have to worry about late payments, incorrect deductions or any other issues which can arise from managing your own payroll system.

Our staff are experienced payroll professionals, and by using cutting-edge technology we are able to automate much of our work stream enabling us to provide an efficient outsourced payroll service at a competitive price.

How our service works


Payroll Changes

You can provide us with changes as they happen within your business, ensuring that payroll can be updated at anytime throughout the month. This removes the traditional cut off process and high volume of changes being presented to the payroll team.

Payroll Process

Your payroll associate will process your payrun in line with your payroll schedule that is available to you through the client portal. You will be provided with reports for signing off  your payrun, or to understand any variances.

Client Sign Off

The client sign off is an important stage in the payroll process and we provide you with the ability to do this via a mobile app and online portal. We will provide you with draft payroll reports to enable you to too sign off your payrun.


Once you have signed off your payroll the payroll will be finalised for submission to HMRC. At this stage the payment file is produced along with pension files for submission to yoru pension provider. On finalisation the payslip will be made available.



Find us


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Stuart Moy

Arcot Grange Developments
Excellent payroll service. Information always delivered accurately and promptly. Friendly, helpful staff, would definitely recommend using Litepayroll.

Luke Mcmahon

Great payroll services. Fantastic and friendly customer service whilst dealing with Lynn. All enquires dealt with very promptly and with the best customer service. Clear information provided for when starting up too which is great ! Thanks.

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